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Diani Beach Dive Spots

Diani Beach is a 25km long heaven beach in Kenya and serves several breathtaking diving spots.

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We started up our PADI center in two thousand and twelve(2012) in determination to bring the passion of scuba diving back to Diani Beach. Diving has declined since the 2000’s because of high elevated pricing by current dive centers during that time. Having a strong will and motivation, we have made our prices the most competitive in the whole of the east African coast line. Our dive operation consists of marine conservation minded people that have devoted their lives to do what they love best, scuba dive. Being a small dive center we personalize the diving by always keeping a ratio of one dive master/instructor to four divers. Another one of Ali’s deep passions besides trekking the wild adventurous savanna plains and holding a bronze star safari guide medal is scuba diving. Born and raised in Diani Beach, he has a wide knowledge on local reefs and dive sites. Ali has been in the industry for more than fifteen years and has worked in many dive communities globally, achieving happiness mostly by sharing his passion for the underwater world as well as teaching newbies how to dive. Ali has certified over 800 students.

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Scuba Duka

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